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Blue Ocean Art

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A rarely seen Mega-Colony of Pillar Coral in the Cayman Islands.

The wide perspective and vivid colors in this fine art print by Jim Hellemn captures the majesty of a spectacular field of Pillar Coral spanning over 50 feet across the shallow ocean bottom on one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs.  Pillar Coral grows slowly, in colonies that form a series of spires thrusting upward from the ocean floor in clusters reminiscent of Cinderella’s Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.   Each “castle” is really thousands of coral polyps that extend their tentacles to form a golden carpet over the surface of the spires.  

Is not uncommon to find a single castle-like colony surrounded by coral reef, but it is rare to find a huge group of large colonies clustered together together all in pristine condition.   This unusally large field of Pillar Coral colonies was found after years of photographing hundreds of pillar colonies in the Caribbean.  

Archival fine art print on Aluminum composite with satin anodized aluminum backing frame.

  • 130 year + archival quality printing
  • highest possible resolution
  • super-gloss UV laminate
  • elegant backing frame with hanging system
  • custom print styles and sizes available

Shipped insured packaged in lightweight foamed box.




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