"Coral Anchors 4" 14X36 Limited Edition Satin

Blue Ocean Art

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“Coral Anchors” Crop no 4    Charlie, the Grouper, is the star of the show in this vertical cropping from the Coral Anchors image. The second coral encrusted anchor can be seen in this image.  Not the easiest to find, however, as it’s completely covered in encrusting sponges and corals.

“Coral Anchors” is a 2,330 Megapixel image of a coral reef wall off Cayman Brac, densely populated with colorful marine life. The seamless mosaic image was composited from over 2500 high resolution digital images photographed at close range with a custom camera platform and lighting system. A year-long project to create the image took place in several phases, starting with scouting sites around the island. Once the site was chosen, the initial photography took place over several weeks in Summer 2015. Post-production took seven weeks to complete, along with the design of the display graphics and frame. 

Archival fine art print on Aluminum composite with satin anodized aluminum backing frame.

  • 130 year + archival quality printing
  • highest possible resolution
  • super-gloss UV laminate
  • elegant backing frame with hanging system
  • custom print styles and sizes available

Shipped insured packaged in lightweight foamed box.




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