Scuba Show 2019

The largest consumer dive show, the Scuba Show in Long Beach, CA, always presents unique opportunities to put our work on display and access a particularly relevant group of potential customers. Just up the road from our home base in San Diego, the show is a great opportunity to connect with consumers in our local market. Divers in this region are particularly tied to the kelp forest ecosystems that line the California coast line, and are naturally drawn to the kelp forest imagery in Blue Ocean Art’s catalog. To that point, the convention center hosting the show is just feet from the Aquarium of the Pacific, which proudly features one of Blue Ocean Art’s largest architectural projects to do date.

We connected with new faces and old, showcasing over 30 fine art prints featuring ocean life from around the world. In addition to the Kelp Forest imagery from the Channel Islands, scenes from the Cayman Islands and Coral Triangle showcase the breadth of ocean life on our coral reef systems in some of the most biodiverse spots on the planet. Our new booth design for this year featured sleek white backing, giving the booth a more gallery-like feel — a concept we are going to fully implement with each new show.

As with any of the major dive shows, Scuba Show also presents a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals. While offering prints for sale to show attendees is an important piece of the show’s value, the ability to connect with resorts, dive operations, and other pros with content needs is a huge benefit as well, always resulting in new photography and video project opportunities around the world.

All in all, exposure and branding is the name of the game with trade shows, whether it’s an art show or a dive industry show. With access to thousands of potential consumers and hundreds of industry professionals, we have yet to find a more efficient format for getting eyes on our art and building meaningful business relationships in the process.

Originally published at on June 3, 2019.

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